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For a number of years this was the official website for the Irish Railway News, the provisional wing of the Irish Railway Record Society. It  was for those who aspire to eventually join the ranks of the IRRS politburo. Content is from the site's 2007 -2010-archived pages.

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A decision is about to be made regarding supplier agreements with vendors and the union is up in arms. There has been some controversy regarding the awarding of the custodial responsibilities to a family member of the board. That family member also happens to have a financial interest in the cleaning supplies online commerce entity that was awarded the contract. "This is not a matter of mops and brooms, but one of propriety," The Daily Herald posted. Everyone agrees that the railroad needs a reliable supplier of toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc. Mr. Barnes argues that having a closely held business supply the railroad is in the interest of the system. Once again the the union leadership warns that members are being pandered. More to come...

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IRN Noticeboard

The place to view general IRN updates and forum policies.

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Mar 31 14 9:38 PM

Operations Department - Irish Railways Today and Plans for the Future

General forum where all members can post discussions of Irish railways (both Iarnród Éireann and NIR/Translink), service changes, and planning issues.

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The Running Shed - Locomotive & Hauled Stock News & Observations

For discussion of Iarnród Éireann and NIR locomotives, and other hauled rolling stock. News, sightings, allocations, queries etc about the rolling stock themselves and their current day to day operations.

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Re: MK3 News



The Unit Zone - DMU & EMU News and Observations

For discussion of Iarnród Éireann and NIR railcars, DART units and other non-locomotive hauled stock.Post any observations, allocations, news or queries here!

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May 8 14 10:38 PM

Industrial Railways

For contributions on Industrial Railways in Ireland.

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May 5 14 3:47 PM

LUAS and Metro

Discussion and news about Dublin's LUAS tram (and proposed Metro) system.

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LUAS Crash - Jerv...


Apr 7 14 5:25 PM

The Politics Slot - Dáil Questions on Rail Transport January 2008 - To Date

Questions and Answers from Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament) on Rail Transport

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Mar 24 14 9:54 AM

The Politics Slot - Irish Parliamentary Committee Debates on Rail Transport

Updates from the Dail - Parliamentary Committee on Transport Rail Transport Debates

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Collooney Junction

Aug 16 12 11:22 AM

Irish Railway History - Trains, Services and Railway Lines of the Past

Discussion and records of the trains, services, and railway lines of years gone by.

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Re: Foynes Branch.

Kid Cardinal


Preservation News and Railtour News

News about the Irish railway preservation scene and the latest railtours being planned.

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Useful Links and Web Talk

We provide a list of other discussion forums you might want to visit, as well as transport websites.Also, updates of Irish photo websites can be advised here!

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Photo Galleries


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Photo Gallery - Contemporary

The place to post contemporary photos of Irish trains and railways.

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Photo Gallery - Historical

The place to post historical photos of Irish railways.

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More Background On has played a pivotal role in the digital documentation and discussion of Ireland's railway system. Although it is no longer actively updated, the website served as a vital resource for enthusiasts, historians, and the general public. This article delves into the history, content, community impact, and cultural significance of, offering a comprehensive understanding of its contributions to preserving Ireland’s railway heritage.

Historical Context and Evolution operated as an extension of the Irish Railway Record Society (IRRS), a prominent organization dedicated to the study and preservation of Irish railway history. The IRRS was established in 1946 and has been instrumental in documenting and preserving railway artifacts, records, and histories. The website functioned from 2007 to 2010, providing a wealth of information through its message boards and archived content.

The platform offered updates on various aspects of Irish railways, including service changes, planning issues, and preservation efforts. It was a central hub for discussions on locomotive news, railcar updates, and historical insights, fostering a community of informed and passionate railway enthusiasts.

Content and Features

One of the core features of was its message boards, meticulously organized to cover a wide range of topics:

  • Operations Department: Discussions on current operations and future plans for Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) and NIR/Translink.
  • The Running Shed: News and observations about locomotives and hauled stock.
  • The Unit Zone: Updates on DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) and EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) railcars.
  • Irish Railway History: Detailed discussions on historical trains, services, and railway lines.

Additionally, the site featured contemporary and historical photo galleries, providing visual documentation of Ireland’s railway evolution. The community statistics highlighted the site's active user base, showcasing thousands of visits and views per day, reflecting its importance as a resource for railway enthusiasts.

Community and Membership cultivated a strong community through its membership-driven forums. The process to join was detailed, requiring potential members to register through EzBoard, a popular forum hosting service at the time. This ensured that the discussions remained respectful and informative, free from trolling and provocative behavior. The emphasis on community rules and the significant contributions of its members were integral to the forum's success.

Cultural and Social Significance

The cultural significance of extends beyond its digital presence. Railways have historically been a vital part of Ireland's infrastructure, influencing economic development and social mobility. The platform served as a digital preservation tool, maintaining the legacy of Irish railways and making historical information accessible to a broader audience. This effort mirrored the physical preservation work undertaken by organizations like the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland (RPSI), which maintains heritage railways and runs historic steam trains.

Press and Media Coverage

While specific press coverage of itself is limited, the broader topic of Irish railway preservation and heritage frequently appears in media. Articles in sources like Global Railway Review discuss the ongoing efforts to enhance and preserve railway infrastructure in Ireland. These efforts include modernizing rail services, improving safety measures, and maintaining historical railways for future generations.

For instance, the RPSI has been featured in various media outlets for its dedication to preserving steam locomotives and organizing rail tours. Similarly, the IRRS is recognized for its extensive archives and publications that document the history of Irish railways. These organizations, along with digital platforms like, contribute to a rich tapestry of historical preservation and public engagement.

Audience and Community Impact attracted a diverse audience, ranging from railway enthusiasts and historians to casual observers interested in Ireland’s transport history. The website's detailed message boards and photo galleries provided a platform for users to share knowledge, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions about Irish railways.

The community's contributions were invaluable, with members providing insights, sharing photographs, and participating in discussions that enriched the collective understanding of Ireland’s railway heritage. This collaborative environment fostered a sense of camaraderie among members, united by their passion for railways.

Known For was known for its comprehensive coverage of all things related to Irish railways. It offered:

  • Up-to-date News: Regular updates on service changes, planning issues, and operational news.
  • Historical Insights: Detailed discussions on the history of Irish railways, including notable events, key figures, and significant milestones.
  • Community Engagement: A vibrant forum where members could share information, ask questions, and participate in discussions.
  • Visual Documentation: Extensive photo galleries showcasing contemporary and historical images of Irish railways.

Cultural and Social Significance

The significance of extends beyond its digital presence. Railways have historically been a vital part of Ireland's infrastructure, influencing economic development and social mobility. The platform served as a digital preservation tool, maintaining the legacy of Irish railways and making historical information accessible to a broader audience.

Details and Insights

The website's forums were a treasure trove of information, with topics ranging from operational updates to historical discussions. For example, users could find detailed posts about the restoration of specific locomotives, changes in rail service schedules, and discussions about the future of railway transport in Ireland. The photo galleries provided a visual journey through time, with images capturing the evolution of Ireland's railways from steam engines to modern electric trains.

Examples and Specifics

One notable discussion on the forums was about the restoration of the MK3 locomotive series. Enthusiasts shared updates on the progress of the restoration, discussed technical details, and posted photographs documenting each step. Another example was the debate about the future of the LUAS tram system in Dublin, where members analyzed proposed extensions, potential impacts on traffic, and the benefits of expanded tram services. may no longer be actively updated, but its legacy endures through the wealth of information it provided and the community it fostered. As a digital extension of the Irish Railway Record Society, the website played a crucial role in preserving and sharing the history of Irish railways. It served as a comprehensive resource for enthusiasts and historians, offering insights, discussions, and visual documentation of Ireland’s rich railway heritage. Through its detailed message boards and photo galleries, has left an indelible mark on the preservation of Irish railway history, ensuring that this important aspect of Ireland’s cultural heritage remains accessible to future generations.